The Law Office of Sean P. Costello

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website.  I'm Attorney Sean Costello. I've been practicing law for more than 17 years.  For nearly a decade  I was a lawyer at one of the world's largest law firms, where I represented big companies in complex litigation around the country, and then I spent another 5 years managing class action and complex litigation for one of the nation's biggest insurance companies.  I have represented big business in courts throughout the country, and handled a variety of complex legal matters.

Now I bring my big-company experience to bear on the legal issues faced by small businesses and individuals.  I welcome the chance to talk to you about how I may help you with your unique legal needs.  Whether you are a small business that needs help selecting the right legal entity or an individual who needs a simple will or something more complex, I can help.  Whether you are an individual who has been sued or is considering suing someone or something, or a small business in the same situation, I can help.  Whether that means sitting down with "the other side" and working things out before a lawsuit is even filed, or taking your case to a jury trial, I will counsel you and be your advocate. 

If you have a legal issue, please give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to have a confidential conversation about your situation and needs.  The initial confidential consultation is free.  Please visit my Facebook page, as well, which will have information and articles on cases, legal developments, and even business issues that may interest you.