My Philosophy

It's simple. I am here to serve you. This means 4 things to me:  

  • Every client should feel like my only client, and every job like it is my only job. 

  • ‚ÄčEvery client deserves clear legal advice, not legal "mumbo jumbo."

  • Every client deserves A+ work , no matter how big or small the matter.

  • Every client deserves transparent pricing and billing, and should be given options to traditional hourly billing. I offer value-based billing, flat fees, and other alternatives to "billing by the hour," in appropriate situations.  

How I May Be Able to Help You

  • Small business formation.  This includes everything from counseling you on the type of entities you might want to create or acquire (corporations, LLCs, partnerships), and creating and filing the "paperwork," to counseling you on franchise opportunities and negotiating with the franchisor, and everything in between.  I also counsel you on all of the little details that many business owners fail to think through, including financing, SBA loan processes, and intellectual property considerations.

  • Small business services This includes counseling you on the types of documents you may need to conduct your own business or a franchise (leases, service contracts, waivers/releases, employment agreements), negotiating with suppliers and professionals, employment counseling, trademark applications, and social media and online marketing policies.

  • Estate planning. This includes wills, health care directives, powers of attorney, trusts, and advice on what makes the most sense for your particular situation.

  • Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and Appeals.  I handle a variety of disputes, from commercial and contract disputes and landlord/tenant disputes, to class action issues.  Not every dispute must (or should) go to court, but, if it does, I know how to prepare a case for trial and take it to a jury or judge.  I'm comfortable in the courtroom.  I have extensive experience at trial, arbitration, and mediation.

The Law Office of Sean P. Costello